About Obergurgl

Origin of the Name

"Obergurgl" is the name of a village in Tyrol, located in the west part of Austria. When we visited there, the village sincerely welcomed us with its great nature and warm-hearted service. We were deeply impressed by them and decided to start such moving and genial accommodation, so we named our pension "Obergurgl". It is a 5-minute walk from Hakuba Goryu ski area (180 meters). Our accommodation and garden will bring you a new meeting with people and beautiful nature in Hakuba.



Our Garden

Roses and dahlias are the main flowers in the garden. Rosa Rubrifolia and Madame Alfred Carriere, kinds of roses, start to come out from June. July is the season for Cephalaria Gigantea, Rosa Sir Cedric Morris and Crocosmia Lucifer. Casa Blanca, Dahlia and Hemerocallis get blooming in August. Large flowers of Persicaria Amplexicaulis (Polygonum) are also wonderful. As soon as you step into the Roman Chamomile garden, you will be surrounded with the sweet fragrance like green apples.

 *Visit "Asako's Garden Diary" and see more information of our garden.



Our Garden

Asako's Garden Diary

Our Herb Tea

Herb tea is served to our guests as welcome drink.

If there is request, we give lessons of herbs and the recipe for Obergurgl's original herb tea.

Our Herb Tea

Our Aromatherapy

We offer "Foot Soak" and "Hand Massage" to our guest. You can also experience "Aroma Soup Making" and "Aroma Skin-brightening Oil Making".

"Oxygen Capsule" gives you great treatment of highly-concentrated oxygen. It will reduce your fatigue after skiing/snowboarding and other outdoor activities.

*Please make a reservation for "Aromatherapy" and "Oxygen Capsule" when you book your room on the telephone or FAX.

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